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No. of Tweets: 1,836
No. of Twitter impressions: 9,163,948
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 384
No. of Twitter users reached: 1,085,821
Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 72
(on 2018-03-20 11:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@DSExpo 64
2@DailyDOOH 52
3@sixteennine 48
4@SCNmag 43
5@rAVePubs 39
6@MeganADutta 35
7@openeyeglobal 26
8@thesmoothfactor 25
9@AVindustryPros 22
10@DSFederation 18

Original Impressions
1@EInk 1,014,300
2@DSExpo 904,690
3@rAVePubs 650,231
4@DailyDOOH 639,932
5@sixteennine 271,063
6@SCNmag 255,027
7@manolo_almagro 225,627
8@thesmoothfactor 116,170
9@SamsungBizUSA 82,802
10@NEC_Display 82,470

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@DSExpo 93
2@MeganADutta 36
3@andreavarrone 32
4@openeyeglobal 29
5@DailyDOOH 28
6@DSFederation 26
7@NEC_RV 20
8@AVTechnologyMag 18
9@thesmoothfactor 18
10@SCNmag 16

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@DSExpo 157
2@DailyDOOH 80
3@MeganADutta 71
4@SCNmag 59
5@sixteennine 58
6@openeyeglobal 55
7@DSFederation 44
8@thesmoothfactor 43
9@rAVePubs 40
10@andreavarrone 40

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Most Retweeted Users
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1@sixteennine 61
2@DailyDOOH 50
3@SCNmag 48
4@DSExpo 45
5@MeganADutta 36
6@DSFederation 23
7@rAVePubs 21
8@DigiSignageMag 20
9@NEC_RV 18
10@andreavarrone 15

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@sectest9 7,284
2@smartcityfeed  RT bot 5,339
3@Mike_K_Spencer 3,836
4@brianadpad_app 2,721
5@WIOMAX_MD 1,425
6@asiatimesonline 953
7@DailyAVTweeps  RT bot 897
8@AVindustryPros 874
9@Picanza 791
10@Cre8tiveHustler 752

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@DailyDOOH 10
2@MeganADutta 3
3@PremierMounts 3
4@elotouch 2
5@andreavarrone 2
6@DSExpo 2
7@cailin_nick 1
8@bryanmeszaros 1
9@rAVePubs 1
10@RautenbergMJ 1

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@thesmoothfactor 19
2@openeyeglobal 7
3@andreavarrone 5
4@MeganADutta 3
5@displax 2
6@rAVePubs 2
7@BradParler 1
8@nowmicroplayers 1
9@Kaleoiini 1
10@DSFederation 1

Top Tweets:
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1@DailyDOOH - about 11 days ago
#DSE2018 #ff suggestions: @andreavarrone @DSExpo @DSFederation @manolo_almagro @MeganADutta @NEC_Display @NEC_RV @openeyeglobal @rAVePubs @SCNmag @ServSupp @StephanieGutnik @WomenofDS @quividi @Signagelive @avatar_plus @NanoLumens https://t.co/KF8GtY30Rv
2@andreavarrone - about 8 days ago
Hard to believe #DSE2018 is in two weeks! If you haven't registered yet there is still time: https://t.co/FNETbUxpvs #digitalsignage @avtweeps
3@NEC_RV - about 26 days ago
What's stopping you from joining the @DSFederation? if the 25% discount on education for #DSE2018 isn't enough, check out the recent newsletter and see all the new members you are not connecting with. https://t.co/z996YXHgCf
4@sixteennine - about 9 days ago
#DSE2018 Booth Previews - @PeerlessAV To Show Its Wide Range of #DigitalSignage Solutions at @DSExpo https://t.co/uQ6dvXDwSB https://t.co/5jezfyEDTl
5@AVTechnologyMag - about 7 days ago
March 15: Join us and these AV stars for a fun preview of the hot products and trends at #DSE2018 #avtweeps #proAV @SCNmag https://t.co/onfes0twA8 https://t.co/CrHVDAzgn3
6@RMGNetworks - about 4 days ago
Go beyond the screen with RMG at @DSExpo in Las Vegas, March 27-29th! Register today to set up an exclusive meeting with us in our RMG conference room at #DSE2018 https://t.co/R4gnOBJC65
7@sixteennine - about 21 days ago
#DSE2018 Booth Previews: @AdMobilize @DSExpo https://t.co/PXwPYZfNip https://t.co/3YaPcRpYTt
8@PingHD - about 5 days ago
PingHD is excited to announce our partnership with @Sharp_Business. #EngagePHD now supports their #Andorid #SoC. See it live at the Sharp booth #2618 at #DSE2018. Also, stop by the PingHD booth #1363 and say hello. #DigitalSignage #WorkWithSharp #SharpDisplay #AVTweeps #DOOH
9@DailyDOOH - about 7 days ago
Anyone heading to #DSE2018 who enjoys a gentle hike is welcome to join an industry veteran local & our team as we walk along a trail full of petroglyphs in the Valley of Fire Hike is all flat, camera is a must! https://t.co/qFYgd6kLCZ We leave Sunday l/t ! Beers after! DM FMI
10@ScalaInc - about 8 days ago
We are excited to announce that 10 of our stand-out partners from the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil will be joining us at #DSE2018! For more information about the Scala booth experience please visit https://t.co/img1CrU7nr https://t.co/Q6qLhDLCqy

By Date:
2018-03-21 Wed2
2018-03-20 Tue236
2018-03-19 Mon127
2018-03-18 Sun23
2018-03-17 Sat20
2018-03-16 Fri117
2018-03-15 Thu127
2018-03-14 Wed125
2018-03-13 Tue84
2018-03-12 Mon74
2018-03-11 Sun24
2018-03-10 Sat55
2018-03-09 Fri73
2018-03-08 Thu82
2018-03-07 Wed74
2018-03-06 Tue63
2018-03-05 Mon55
2018-03-04 Sun32
2018-03-03 Sat25
2018-03-02 Fri57
2018-03-01 Thu45
2018-02-28 Wed44
2018-02-27 Tue34
2018-02-26 Mon30
2018-02-25 Sun21
2018-02-24 Sat22
2018-02-23 Fri32
2018-02-22 Thu48
2018-02-21 Wed30
2018-02-20 Tue51
2018-02-19 Mon4

2018-03-21 Wed545
2018-03-20 Tue1,896,848
2018-03-19 Mon526,374
2018-03-18 Sun57,825
2018-03-17 Sat67,803
2018-03-16 Fri401,448
2018-03-15 Thu665,945
2018-03-14 Wed907,600
2018-03-13 Tue272,415
2018-03-12 Mon365,509
2018-03-11 Sun52,999
2018-03-10 Sat78,571
2018-03-09 Fri417,251
2018-03-08 Thu504,101
2018-03-07 Wed266,957
2018-03-06 Tue425,630
2018-03-05 Mon203,165
2018-03-04 Sun27,600
2018-03-03 Sat81,101
2018-03-02 Fri213,950
2018-03-01 Thu347,510
2018-02-28 Wed133,199
2018-02-27 Tue145,725
2018-02-26 Mon199,450
2018-02-25 Sun24,800
2018-02-24 Sat53,468
2018-02-23 Fri192,174
2018-02-22 Thu201,165
2018-02-21 Wed171,277
2018-02-20 Tue226,625
2018-02-19 Mon34,918

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  1. Jim Coston
    Jim Coston: RT @AdMobilize: Why did LUMO Outdoor partner with us? A very direct Q&A with their CEO > https://t.co/QaW2GGAotZ @DPAAorg @DSFederation @Yo

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    Christie Rice: RT @RMGNetworks: Find RMG on the @DSExpo exhibit floor! Stop by @intel booth #1111 & @elotouch booth #1126 to experience emerging #retail t…

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    Peerless-AV: RT @sixteennine: #DSE2018 Booth Previews - @PeerlessAV To Show Its Wide Range of #DigitalSignage Solutions at @DSExpo https://t.co/uQ6dvXDw…

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    Peerless-AV: RT @WomenofDS: Have you registered for our breakfast at #DSE2018? https://t.co/8pgR1xSTz3 Sponsored by @PeerlessAV

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    Spence Graham: RT @NEOCAST: #DSE2018 just days away now... we will be with the #STRATACACHEFamily team at the @ScalaInc booth 2508, right up front. Come…

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    Donald Nolan Jr.: RT @Navori: Navori proudly announces its latest QL Player software that can render synchronized content on 16 full HD displays from a singl…

  10. Cory Schaeffer
    Cory Schaeffer: RT @thesmoothfactor: Sooo its time to spill the beans!! I'll be taking over @SCNmag Twitter account March 28th & 29th @DSExpo #DSE2018 #DSE

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  14. Alesia Hendley
    Alesia Hendley: @vacajun @SCNmag @DSExpo Thanks Michelle! @DSExpo is such a great event, I can't wait. #DSE2018 https://t.co/qNeqadCTBL

  15. Alesia Hendley

  16. tradepromotional.com
    tradepromotional.com: RT @Signagelive: .@Signagelive will be exhibiting at #DSE2018. If you would like to make an appointment to meet us with us please complete…