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Hashtag analysis - last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 1,883
No. of Twitter impressions: 12,115,368
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 295
No. of Twitter users reached: 1,829,173

Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 102
(on 2019-10-15 10:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@DailyDOOH 225
2@MeganADutta 66
3@PeerlessAV 41
4@chris_neto 28
5@SCNmag 21
6@openeyeglobal 21
7@NEC_Display 16
8@rAVePubs 15
9@digiDaybook 15
10@DSFederation 15

Original Impressions
1@DailyDOOH 2,956,357
2@SamsungBizUSA 582,856
3@PeerlessAV 320,226
4@PeterBordes 305,031
5@rAVePubs 275,954
6@chris_neto 238,632
7@DSExpo 196,178
8@NEC_Display 182,416
9@SCNmag 148,789
10@MeganADutta 139,522

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@AVindustryPros 125
2@DailyDOOH 84
3@chris_neto 55
4@DSExpo 37
5@DSFederation 35
6@CraigMacCormack 23
7@NEC_Display 22
8@MeganADutta 15
9@DSConnection 15
10@KymFrank 14

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@DailyDOOH 309
2@AVindustryPros 125
3@chris_neto 83
4@MeganADutta 81
5@PeerlessAV 55
6@DSFederation 50
7@DSExpo 50
8@NEC_Display 38
9@openeyeglobal 26
10@CraigMacCormack 23

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User Mentions
NoNameNo of Mentions
1@DailyDOOH 304
2@DSFederation 276
3@NEC_Display 156
4@DPAAorg 142
5@PeerlessAV 123
6@YourOAAA 110
7@chris_neto 110
8@openeyeglobal 100
9@barryfrey 96
10@GeopathOOH 92

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@DailyDOOH 192
2@PeerlessAV 97
3@chris_neto 68
4@DSFederation 58
5@openeyeglobal 52
6@DSExpo 41
7@SCNmag 39
8@kubient 36
9@PeterBordes 34
10@NEC_Display 31

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@adage 27,018
2@PeterBordes 2,594
3@torillo59 2,424
4@LondonNetworker 1,506
5@publicknowledge 1,320
6@oneQube 1,281
7@mediamath 1,241
8@TriNet 1,136
9@AVindustryPros 848
10@avtweeps  RT bot 838

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@DailyDOOH 8
2@chris_neto 5
3@MeganADutta 4
4@tdalbright 4
5@GinaSans 3
6@barbxG 3
7@EAnnie21 2
8@AVPhenom 1
9@Kev_McLoughlin 1
10@DSFederation 1

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@MeganADutta 22
2@chris_neto 7
3@GinaSans 7
4@SamsungBizUSA 6
5@barryjgrossman 4
6@PeerlessAV 3
7@SCNmag 2
8@FleischerDan 2
9@PeterCritchley 1
10@DailyDOOH 1

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@kubient - about 2 days ago
How RTB vs Programmanual DOOH works. *Flexible end to end transparent marketplace *Dynamic pricing *Maximize Inventory fill rates & CPM’s *Campaign scalability & access efficiency *Multi variant targeting & retargeting https://t.co/6hkiKxKXKU #NYDSW #videoeverywheresummit #dooh https://t.co/kW46AdsNku
2@PeterBordes - about 2 days ago
How RTB digital out of home works Real-time cloud-based infrastructure unlocks the value of supply & demand at scale to create a dynamic ecosystem https://t.co/kjMBwdx1Fx #NYDSW #digitalsignage #dooh #OOH #dpaaconnects #VideoEverywhereSummit Love to meet @barryfrey @DPAAorg https://t.co/XXKT1M57Gd
3@kubient - about 2 days ago
RTB vs Programmatic DOOH We launched the first patent-pending transparent real-time bidding marketplace for the digital out of home industry https://t.co/DO8brmsTUf #NYDSW #videoeverywheresummit #DPAAConnects #DOOH #OOH #digitalsignage https://t.co/vwbocz7Rc2
4@DailyDOOH - about 3 days ago
#NYDSW #ff suggestions: @BrightSign @infiLED_EM @elotouch @ultrahaptics @NanoLumens @barryfrey @DiversiffiMedia @DSExpo @DSFederation @GeopathOOH @MeganADutta @NEC_Display @openeyeglobal @PeerlessAV @PeterBordes @CRIExperiences @PeterCritchley https://t.co/KF8GtY30Rv https://t.co/KrptkicEKV
5@chris_neto - about 11 days ago
Here is today's #AVintheAM Topic and Questions for Oct. 6th 2019. Please Share with our friends who will join later in the day. (Reminder that next week we will be hosting a Special "LIVE" from New York Digital Signage Week (#NYDSW))#AVtweeps #proav https://t.co/F7vWpryaRB
6@PeerlessAV - about 3 days ago
#NYDSW starts today! That's 5 days, 40 events, 108 speakers, 4,565 visitors. ???? Check out the official schedule to plan your week: https://t.co/tTRcybSzXA #AVTweeps #proAV #digitalsignage #DOOH #proudsponsor https://t.co/vPE2tD9Vw4
7@worldoohorg - about 4 days ago
Here we go then, busy week #OAAA #geopath #NYDSW https://t.co/JYCWFBbKmJ
8@chris_neto - about 4 days ago
Live from Asbury Park NJ today. Here is today's topic: "Demystifying Digital Signage" and the questions for October 13, 2019. Please RT/share with our friends who will join later today. #avintheam #avtweeps #nydsw #digitalsignage #DOOH https://t.co/5vhe5n9oPl
9@DailyDOOH - about 23 hours ago
AdTECH: OOH - New York kicks off this morning at 4 WTC thx 2 @AdomniOfficial @Broadsign @CCOutdoorNA @DPAAorg @DSFederation @Hivestack @mediamath (our host) @YourOAAA @QuorumOutdoor @SnappDigital @VIOOH @vistarmedia and our chair @OUTFRONTMEDIAUS’ @StephanieGutnik #NYDSW https://t.co/fgOrDklSf7
10@PeterBordes - about 2 days ago
Kubient announces ‘first’ complete RTB channel for DOOH ads. The first end-to-end RTB marketplace for supply & demand DOOH video screens https://t.co/JZ96PNptAb via @ClickZ #NYDSW #videoeverywheresummit #ooh #dooh #digitalsignage https://t.co/Fsz8lbvOZg

By Date:
2019-10-18 Fri5
2019-10-17 Thu218
2019-10-16 Wed286
2019-10-15 Tue460
2019-10-14 Mon234
2019-10-13 Sun122
2019-10-12 Sat19
2019-10-11 Fri47
2019-10-10 Thu59
2019-10-09 Wed39
2019-10-08 Tue46
2019-10-07 Mon42
2019-10-06 Sun20
2019-10-05 Sat6
2019-10-04 Fri27
2019-10-03 Thu53
2019-10-02 Wed43
2019-10-01 Tue22
2019-09-30 Mon19
2019-09-29 Sun11
2019-09-28 Sat8
2019-09-27 Fri22
2019-09-26 Thu18
2019-09-25 Wed3
2019-09-24 Tue12
2019-09-23 Mon9
2019-09-22 Sun7
2019-09-21 Sat3
2019-09-20 Fri10
2019-09-19 Thu11
2019-09-18 Wed2

2019-10-18 Fri3,972
2019-10-17 Thu1,088,717
2019-10-16 Wed1,664,936
2019-10-15 Tue3,404,284
2019-10-14 Mon1,609,077
2019-10-13 Sun782,240
2019-10-12 Sat127,149
2019-10-11 Fri305,305
2019-10-10 Thu317,646
2019-10-09 Wed233,187
2019-10-08 Tue300,799
2019-10-07 Mon229,832
2019-10-06 Sun113,012
2019-10-05 Sat26,860
2019-10-04 Fri194,815
2019-10-03 Thu369,007
2019-10-02 Wed265,696
2019-10-01 Tue129,740
2019-09-30 Mon104,706
2019-09-29 Sun87,249
2019-09-28 Sat79,001
2019-09-27 Fri170,777
2019-09-26 Thu155,088
2019-09-25 Wed19,565
2019-09-24 Tue106,099
2019-09-23 Mon77,495
2019-09-22 Sun35,025
2019-09-21 Sat26,564
2019-09-20 Fri25,544
2019-09-19 Thu52,886
2019-09-18 Wed9,095

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