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No. of Tweets: 48,683
No. of Twitter impressions: 817,021,040
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 18,185
No. of Twitter users reached: 141,835,791
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Highest number of tweets per minute: 143
(on 2019-06-18 17:59)
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NoNameNo of Tweets
1@Cannes_Lions 300
2@femalequotient 219
3@ad_association 133
4@SAPNextGen 127
5@LADPagencedepub 95
6@cindygallop 90
7@MoStricelli 89
8@adage 86
9@FreeWheel 84
10@laReclame 83

Original Impressions
1@adage 83,447,332
2@Cannes_Lions 64,163,619
3@TwitterMktg 34,690,031
4@Merca20 27,841,127
5@Ogilvy 20,580,248
6@Adweek 19,195,792
7@EYnews 19,063,323
8@mkdirecto 19,049,259
9@billboard 14,925,133
10@Estadao 12,741,040

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@mdotus 268
2@VarshneyAnita 255
3@cardilogix 179
4@MattBourn 144
5@MoStricelli 109
6@SandraMoerch 108
7@nakawitter 108
8@KarlaCamilaLove 102
9@Cannes_Lions 91
10@rickycabello97 84

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NoNameNo of Tweets
1@Cannes_Lions 391
2@mdotus 268
3@VarshneyAnita 255
4@femalequotient 251
5@MoStricelli 198
6@cardilogix 179
7@ad_association 167
8@SAPNextGen 164
9@cindygallop 147
10@MattBourn 145

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1@Cannes_Lions 10,367
3@Ogilvy 4,272
4@CabelloMedia 2,802
5@SpotifyBrands 2,101
6@TwitterMktg 1,761
7@CCabelloNews 1,739
8@Spotify 1,549
9@CamilaCabelloBR 1,067
10@shirleyhalperin 667

Most Retweeted Users
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1@Cannes_Lions 6,089
2@Ogilvy 4,201
3@CabelloMedia 2,802
4@CCabelloNews 1,732
5@TwitterMktg 1,505
6@CamilaCabelloBR 1,066
7@shirleyhalperin 612
8@CamilaMidia 596
9@CCabelloInfoBR 577
10@SpotifyBrands 510

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1@ariannahuff 28,436
2@CNBC 27,561
3@adage 27,024
4@billboard 25,166
5@ArkangelScrap 20,057
6@CreativeReview 19,874
7@nypost 18,422
8@Variety 18,363
9@ciara 17,599
10@Adweek 16,487

Users Most Replied To
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1@Cannes_Lions 46
2@TwitterMktg 43
3@laReclame 39
4@valeidoscopio 19
5@kerrymflynn 17
6@ad_association 16
7@dentsuaegis 13
8@ReignOfApril 13
9@EYnews 9
10@AccentureACTIVE 8

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@laReclame 38
2@Sprinklr 34
3@Cannes_Lions 30
4@cindygallop 22
5@EYnews 22
6@ad_association 20
7@valeidoscopio 19
8@TwitterMktg 19
9@kerrymflynn 18
10@dentsuaegis 16

Top Tweets:
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1@Cannes_Lions - about 17 hours ago
“I don’t really write songs for a global audience, I just write what feels good to me. If you try to make something for everybody, you make something for nobody” @Camila_Cabello at #canneslions https://t.co/nO2LAkmrRa
2@Ogilvy - about 1 day ago
Past #CannesLions Winner Title: Build The Future Client: Lego Team: Bangkok #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions2019 #TBT https://t.co/9sIDXd8qQV
3@CabelloMedia - about 16 hours ago
Camila today at #CannesLions #SpotifyCannes https://t.co/7DOuWp56cW
4@shirleyhalperin - about 15 hours ago
Great talk with @Camila_Cabello and @Spotify’s Dawn Ostroff at #CannesLions today (plus a post-panel appearance by @katiecouric) https://t.co/KTiQXnoSwM
5@Cannes_Lions - about 16 hours ago
???? @Camila_Cabello on her fans “I have a pretty hardcore relationship with my fans. Some of them I’ve known since I was 14. We’ve grown up with each other and they really care about me as a person” #CannesLions https://t.co/61YRNMGJGv
6@Cannes_Lions - about 21 hours ago
Can't wait for this! @Camila_Cabello is speaking at #CannesLions today ????
7@Cannes_Lions - about 16 hours ago
“There’s definitely a storytelling aspect to my new album. What I really love about music is the way it makes you feel... and I have a LOT of story’s to tell!” #canneslions @Camila_Cabello @SpotifyBrands
8@Cannes_Lions - about 16 hours ago
“I’m itching to get back out there! I’m almost done with the new album. This new album isn’t my imagination. It’s about real things happening in real time” @Cannes_Lions @SpotifyBrands #canneslions https://t.co/0GiTuT32vG
9@SpotifyBrands - about 23 hours ago
Today, join @Spotify's Dawn Ostroff with @Camila_Cabello as they discuss the power of audio to connect artists, creators, and fans. Follow #spotifycannes for live coverage from #CannesLions https://t.co/kVTUvFfKEH
10@TwitterMktg - about 5 days ago
Say "au revoir" to #CannesLions FOMO by following some of the most influential voices attending the festival ???? https://t.co/z2fpeLVrcW

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2019-06-18 Tue23373
2019-06-17 Mon9243
2019-06-16 Sun1434
2019-06-15 Sat1305
2019-06-14 Fri1722
2019-06-13 Thu1194
2019-06-12 Wed874
2019-06-11 Tue725
2019-06-10 Mon407
2019-06-09 Sun50
2019-06-08 Sat106
2019-06-07 Fri336
2019-06-06 Thu322
2019-06-05 Wed321
2019-06-04 Tue333
2019-06-03 Mon106
2019-06-02 Sun16
2019-06-01 Sat54
2019-05-31 Fri127
2019-05-30 Thu143
2019-05-29 Wed90
2019-05-28 Tue122
2019-05-27 Mon97
2019-05-26 Sun17
2019-05-25 Sat51
2019-05-24 Fri120
2019-05-23 Thu119
2019-05-22 Wed174
2019-05-21 Tue149

2019-06-19 Wed62,028,718
2019-06-18 Tue304,277,938
2019-06-17 Mon204,771,737
2019-06-16 Sun24,865,721
2019-06-15 Sat35,461,914
2019-06-14 Fri47,724,791
2019-06-13 Thu24,353,781
2019-06-12 Wed30,678,259
2019-06-11 Tue14,153,596
2019-06-10 Mon9,164,036
2019-06-09 Sun1,281,561
2019-06-08 Sat325,669
2019-06-07 Fri4,927,044
2019-06-06 Thu8,150,161
2019-06-05 Wed6,470,535
2019-06-04 Tue6,940,662
2019-06-03 Mon2,685,800
2019-06-02 Sun487,820
2019-06-01 Sat623,808
2019-05-31 Fri2,759,094
2019-05-30 Thu3,784,914
2019-05-29 Wed1,813,059
2019-05-28 Tue3,182,460
2019-05-27 Mon956,520
2019-05-26 Sun24,432
2019-05-25 Sat139,229
2019-05-24 Fri4,633,973
2019-05-23 Thu3,114,445
2019-05-22 Wed4,659,066
2019-05-21 Tue2,901,836

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  1. paz
    paz: RT @Ogilvy: #CannesLions2019 Gold Winner Title: Try Not To Hear This Client: Coca-Cola Agency: DAVID Miami The first print ad you can hea…

  2. Thomas Lingard
    Thomas Lingard: Proud that today @Unilever CEO @alanjope will deliver a keynote at #CannesLions challenging brands to take more act… https://t.co/0ZApt4U2sa

  3. Ad Association
    Ad Association: Congratulations to those who have been included in the shortlist for the #Brand #Experience & #Activation category… https://t.co/wd7JYs4qcz

  4. paz
    paz: RT @Ogilvy: #CannesLions2019 Silver Winner Title: Burn That Ad Client: Burger King Agency: @DAVID_SaoPaulo_ #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes

  5. Page Six
    Page Six: Lindsay Shookus kicked off birthday with SoulCycle at #CannesLions https://t.co/rO0KRdmIFx https://t.co/e4CBBB7Ma3

  6. Simone Stricelli
    Simone Stricelli: "Oggi, i marchi possono essere creati da chiunque e condivisi da tutti" A livello di #marketing con le #communityhttps://t.co/OfCh8gEvb8

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    Sean Im: RT @keyamadhvani: At the International Press Breakfast this morning with @Derella and @pandemona talking about video, the conversational na…

  10. Little Black Book
    Little Black Book: .@TBWAMelbourne has taken home Gold and Silver in the Outdoor Lions at #CannesLions. https://t.co/dvV4RHzIha https://t.co/ek01kzP2dg

  11. DDB Australia
    DDB Australia: GOLD for Grave of Thrones. We can't wait to get this on the wall! #DDBatCannes #CannesLions https://t.co/okl9Kv2YPT

  12. Cadent
    Cadent: Along with forward-thinking, excellent creative, brands have to consider how they're engaging their customers at ev… https://t.co/WpPVLXWhAc

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  16. Mr.Nyak 10K 🇲🇳📸📲