Hashtag analysis - last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 31,672
No. of Twitter impressions: 231,363,245
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 8,971
No. of Twitter users reached: 33,448,116
Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 478
(on 2018-09-14 10:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@CalaFocus 413
2@IBCShow 365
3@Avid 159
4@TFSUK 130
5@Globecast 125
6@Media_Kind 103
7@comp_lynn 97
8@PanoramaAV 91
9@sportsvideo 91
10@paolopescatore 78

Original Impressions
1@BHPhotoVideo 20,675,579
2@Avid 14,303,641
3@ibmcloudvideo 9,660,795
4@IBCShow 9,471,175
5@RanaDaggubati 5,496,362
6@AvidProTools 3,444,315
7@maxon3d 3,377,352
8@AdobeAE 2,043,543
9@AdobePremiere 1,783,475
10@CiscoSP360 1,475,585

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@Avid 219
2@editorbelga 186
3@GKDada2 157
4@laura_westrope 151
5@ATM_now 139
6@IBCShow 129
7@manormarketing 119
8@TechNative 102
9@MediaComposer 100
10@TyrellCCT 99

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@IBCShow 494
2@CalaFocus 413
3@Avid 378
4@TFSUK 191
5@editorbelga 187
6@GKDada2 163
7@laura_westrope 155
8@TheIABM 154
9@Globecast 142
10@manormarketing 141

Related Hashtags
NoNameNo of Hashtags

User Mentions
NoNameNo of Mentions
1@IBCShow 9,287
2@Avid 1,919
3@Intelnetwork 1,475
4@QuantumCorp 1,024
5@AvidProTools 587
6@TheIABM 580
7@MediaComposer 525
8@GamestreamPRO 423
9@tiledmedia 422
10@CiscoSP360 404

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@Intelnetwork 1,468
2@Avid 1,121
3@IBCShow 916
4@QuantumCorp 854
5@AvidProTools 482
6@MediaComposer 249
7@TechNative 224
8@TFSUK 221
9@maxon3d 219
10@AdobePremiere 191

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@ArkangelScrap 20,546
2@evankirstel 13,736
3@biconnections 13,126
4@OttLegalRebels 12,180
5@IndieGameDevBot 11,703
6@IndieGameDevGuy 9,685
7@ScottMonty 8,656
8@IndieGameTrends 8,563
9@ibmcloudvideo 8,286
10@OpenMarketingTV 8,004

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@IBCShow 42
2@AvidProTools 31
3@Avid 19
4@AlsaramiNasser 7
5@BHPhotoVideo 6
6@AdobeFrance 5
7@VerimatrixInc 4
8@TVBEurope 4
9@Globecast 4
10@sportsvideo 3

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@IBCShow 34
2@BroadcastProME 21
3@AlsaramiNasser 10
4@Globecast 8
5@BHPhotoVideo 6
6@GKDada2 5
7@cryptonsulting 5
8@maria_aguete 5
9@AdobeFrance 5
10@VerimatrixInc 4

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@Intelnetwork - about 4 days ago
Ready. Set. Play! 5G enabled Cloud Gaming on various end point devices. Great news for telecom and cable TV operators. Learn more about Intel's collaboration with @GamestreamPRO: ? https://t.co/I4Jypr8LRY #IBC2018 https://t.co/Z7LCCLjJKF
2@Intelnetwork - about 2 days ago
Live VR at 8K! ClearVR from @tiledmedia and Intel SVT enables live viewport independent streaming of immersive 8K 360 content with low-bandwidth. ? https://t.co/aB8NvYSrh3 #IBC2018 https://t.co/GDAhein9uH
3@Intelnetwork - about 3 days ago
Create, animate and render leading visual effects faster: #VFX with Intel Embree and #AI - powered by our latest Xeon Scalable Processors. ? https://t.co/yVEvs9LFd0 #IBC2018 https://t.co/5wPTnMcs52
4@AvidProTools - about 2 days ago
WANT TO WIN A ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO PRO TOOLS? ? Retweet and like this message ? Follow @Avid and @AvidProTools on Twitter. #Avid #IBCShow #IBC #IBC2018 #ProTools #contest #giveaway #sweepstake https://t.co/zpTR7o2ZDv
5@Intelnetwork - about 4 days ago
Optimized video analytics using @gstreamer, the OpenVINO toolkit and Docker. Benefit from accelerated video processing, deep learning inference, flexibility and an easy Cloud deployment. ? https://t.co/qYLNF9kunv #IBC2018 #Intel #AI https://t.co/5oZrg34aCB
6@Intelnetwork - about 3 days ago
Opening a World of Innovation with the Visual Cloud. Intel's Lynn Comp (VP, Data Center Group & GM, Visual Cloud Division) on-stage at #IBC2018. Learn more. ? https://t.co/EkvLwhei2q @comp_lynn #IBC2018 https://t.co/cZ4XIG3KJh
7@RanaDaggubati - about 2 days ago
Heading to one of the biggest technology conventions in the world #IBC2018. The last time I was here was in 2006/7. Can't wait to see the all the new breakthroughs.
8@Avid - about 1 day ago
WANT TO WIN A ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO MEDIA COMPOSER? ? Retweet and like this message ? Follow @Avid and @MediaComposer on Twitter. #Avid #IBCShow #IBC #IBC2018 #MediaComposer #contest #giveaway #sweepstake https://t.co/dRFRt61h4C
9@BlackBoxEMEA - about 13 days ago
Discover how to bridge the Gap Between Physical and Virtual Servers in this white paper: https://t.co/PFCkbeYiVh. Do you need a revolutionary 4K KVM over IP solution? Visit us during #IBC2018 and discover Emerald. https://t.co/l4YNqD1cYV
10@AdobePremiere - about 6 days ago
At IBC 2018, Adobe is revealing the next major releases of the Adobe video and audio tools, including new features and enhancements: https://t.co/4RHk3aQKps #IBC2018 | #PremierePro https://t.co/gjPkIkxx8m

By Date:
2018-09-19 Wed42
2018-09-18 Tue2977
2018-09-17 Mon4229
2018-09-16 Sun3722
2018-09-15 Sat3746
2018-09-14 Fri4873
2018-09-13 Thu2226
2018-09-12 Wed1145
2018-09-11 Tue845
2018-09-10 Mon799
2018-09-09 Sun161
2018-09-08 Sat226
2018-09-07 Fri638
2018-09-06 Thu655
2018-09-05 Wed701
2018-09-04 Tue573
2018-09-03 Mon466
2018-09-02 Sun106
2018-09-01 Sat170
2018-08-31 Fri490
2018-08-30 Thu478
2018-08-29 Wed417
2018-08-28 Tue289
2018-08-27 Mon186
2018-08-26 Sun46
2018-08-25 Sat102
2018-08-24 Fri283
2018-08-23 Thu324
2018-08-22 Wed243
2018-08-21 Tue304
2018-08-20 Mon210

2018-09-19 Wed181,335
2018-09-18 Tue18,940,950
2018-09-17 Mon45,828,466
2018-09-16 Sun42,440,129
2018-09-15 Sat25,175,018
2018-09-14 Fri39,335,490
2018-09-13 Thu12,353,366
2018-09-12 Wed7,473,966
2018-09-11 Tue5,459,514
2018-09-10 Mon4,570,766
2018-09-09 Sun592,527
2018-09-08 Sat705,210
2018-09-07 Fri2,422,202
2018-09-06 Thu3,081,901
2018-09-05 Wed3,029,036
2018-09-04 Tue2,710,696
2018-09-03 Mon1,476,372
2018-09-02 Sun524,782
2018-09-01 Sat630,553
2018-08-31 Fri1,803,737
2018-08-30 Thu3,415,243
2018-08-29 Wed1,658,443
2018-08-28 Tue1,026,364
2018-08-27 Mon742,331
2018-08-26 Sun271,950
2018-08-25 Sat425,970
2018-08-24 Fri891,228
2018-08-23 Thu1,589,155
2018-08-22 Wed877,154
2018-08-21 Tue921,861
2018-08-20 Mon807,530

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