Hashtag analysis - last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 4,412
No. of Twitter impressions: 21,369,604
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 792
No. of Twitter users reached: 2,447,279
Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 37
(on 2019-05-26 09:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@rAVePubs 268
2@chris_neto 114
3@SCNmag 112
4@MeganADutta 89
5@InfoComm 40
6@starin_mkg 35
7@AVNationTV 35
8@ClearOne 34
9@ChristieDigital 31
10@digiDaybook 24

Original Impressions
1@rAVePubs 4,778,656
2@chris_neto 931,716
3@SCNmag 760,381
4@AVIXA 558,964
5@InfoComm 507,993
6@SamsungBizUSA 486,883
7@ChristieDigital 397,498
8@AVNationTV 293,719
9@AVMag 252,400
10@CanonUSApro 250,695

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@AVindustryPros 526
2@avtweeps  RT bot 136
3@chris_neto 112
4@CraigMacCormack 91
5@AVPhenom 62
6@JPWard 52
7@SCNmag 51
8@AVBeatMedia 48
9@MeganADutta 31
10@rodeostore 30

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@AVindustryPros 526
2@rAVePubs 270
3@chris_neto 226
4@SCNmag 163
5@avtweeps  RT bot 136
6@MeganADutta 120
7@CraigMacCormack 101
8@AVPhenom 79
9@JPWard 74
10@starin_mkg 64

Related Hashtags
NoNameNo of Hashtags

User Mentions
NoNameNo of Mentions
1@rAVePubs 564
2@InfoComm 550
3@chris_neto 527
4@avixa 381
5@SCNmag 350
6@starin_mkg 213
8@MeganADutta 161
10@AVNationTV 100

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@rAVePubs 482
2@chris_neto 338
3@SCNmag 175
4@InfoComm 107
5@MeganADutta 69
6@PeerlessAV 68
7@AVIXA 68
8@starin_mkg 63
9@KramerElec 39
10@NewlineIDEAMAX 38

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@evankirstel 13,804
2@designthinkbot 7,507
3@chidambara09 4,655
4@nancyrubin 3,915
5@ITRTG 3,455
6@lindsayadler 1,826
7@RobinMacNab 1,346
8@PolyCompany 1,084
9@UnmistakableCEO 1,057
10@shure 1,009

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@chris_neto 30
2@MeganADutta 10
3@barbxG 8
5@InfoComm 6
6@KevTalbot  The 9 6
7@JPWard 5
8@AVPhenom 4
9@WomeninAV 4
10@rodeostore 4

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@MeganADutta 31
2@chris_neto 25
3@JPWard 16
4@rodeostore 12
5@DHODonnell 9
6@AVPhenom 9
7@Kev_McLoughlin 7
8@AVGrump 7
9@LukeJordanEAVI 7
10@SCNmag 7

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@chris_neto - about 27 days ago
On June 9th Myself, @MalissaDillman, @starin_mkg and #AVtweeps are taking the Ride to #infocomm19 in search of answers. Let's do this! #AVRV2019! https://t.co/GvA67UqAkj
2@NewlineIDEAMAX - about 18 days ago
Be our guest at #Infocomm19, the largest pro-AV trade show in the United States! Just use Newline’s VIP Code (NEW365) at registration to get a free pass to the Exhibit Hall, and come see the latest and greatest Newline has to offer at Booth #4073. https://t.co/B8UQOCsSjF
3@rAVePubs - about 4 days ago
#ICYMI: @NewlineIDEAMAX is releasing its IP Series, NET Series and Z5 Series of interactive touch displays. Learn more here: https://t.co/rdOtYt3Oto #AVisLIFE #AVTweeps #InfoComm19
4@NewlineIDEAMAX - about 12 days ago
Take a break from #Infocomm19 for food, drinks, and hand-rolled cigars. Join Newline for Hot Havana Nights at Cuba Libre Restaurant on June 12 from 6:30-9:30pm. Have some fun with a photo booth, live entertainment, and special guests. RSVP today: https://t.co/rcvEd1Y2IS https://t.co/3Wyh9PLSBb
5@NEC_Display - about 11 days ago
#InfoComm19 is a LONG show especially with Orlando humidity ???? Our Tradeshow Manager Gina has some #InfoCommTips for all you #AVTweeps to help you thrive at @InfoComm. Take a look ⬇️ Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them! #ProAV @AVIXA @AVIXAWomen #AVfashion https://t.co/9Wwj9THCvv
6@AVMag - about 11 days ago
Join @AVMag and @HeadlinerHub for cocktails at @InfoComm - kindly supported by @dprojection. Thurs 13 June, 6-8pm at the Hard Rock Hotel (not Cafe). Please RSVP to amit.patel@avmag.co.uk if you'd like to join us! #AV #AVtweeps #AVisLife #InfoComm19 #tech https://t.co/pb45pwL5eu
7@rAVePubs - about 5 days ago
All of our Jedi dreams are coming true! #AVTweeps, you HAVE to check this out if you haven't already: https://t.co/t38NSTnC61 #AVisLIFE #InfoComm19 @magicleap @mimesysvr https://t.co/zGTQcJVtcQ
8@chris_neto - about 21 days ago
Here is today #AVinTheAM Topic and Questions for May 5th, 2019. Please share so that our friends to west can join in the fun. Thanks Again #Avtweeps! Don't forget to RSVP for "Coffee & Conversations" at #infocomm19 https://t.co/X7IPg5I56k https://t.co/pS1VTFRmNL
9@chris_neto - about 9 days ago
Last week we announced the arrival of BASE CAMP at #INFOCOMM19! @AVJAMUK was the 1st Podcast announced. This week we are excited to reveal that @Non_Comm will make their podcast debut at Infocomm! More show announcements coming soon #AVtweeps! https://t.co/9mOKZTau5h
10@MeganADutta - about 26 days ago
#InfoCommTips - get your copy of the official @InfoComm Daily! #InfoComm19 #AVTweeps https://t.co/mAleE4kEu7

By Date:
2019-05-27 Mon1
2019-05-26 Sun185
2019-05-25 Sat104
2019-05-24 Fri262
2019-05-23 Thu237
2019-05-22 Wed218
2019-05-21 Tue181
2019-05-20 Mon203
2019-05-19 Sun113
2019-05-18 Sat57
2019-05-17 Fri203
2019-05-16 Thu208
2019-05-15 Wed212
2019-05-14 Tue221
2019-05-13 Mon151
2019-05-12 Sun43
2019-05-11 Sat58
2019-05-10 Fri220
2019-05-09 Thu176
2019-05-08 Wed151
2019-05-07 Tue116
2019-05-06 Mon118
2019-05-05 Sun80
2019-05-04 Sat41
2019-05-03 Fri204
2019-05-02 Thu172
2019-05-01 Wed155
2019-04-30 Tue136
2019-04-29 Mon131
2019-04-28 Sun55

2019-05-27 Mon2,871
2019-05-26 Sun825,099
2019-05-25 Sat442,831
2019-05-24 Fri1,009,901
2019-05-23 Thu1,046,080
2019-05-22 Wed1,201,065
2019-05-21 Tue794,123
2019-05-20 Mon1,075,881
2019-05-19 Sun758,543
2019-05-18 Sat419,556
2019-05-17 Fri930,792
2019-05-16 Thu824,564
2019-05-15 Wed1,402,999
2019-05-14 Tue1,272,885
2019-05-13 Mon947,981
2019-05-12 Sun133,115
2019-05-11 Sat124,715
2019-05-10 Fri1,211,731
2019-05-09 Thu772,612
2019-05-08 Wed670,688
2019-05-07 Tue504,677
2019-05-06 Mon547,497
2019-05-05 Sun262,281
2019-05-04 Sat79,214
2019-05-03 Fri1,146,534
2019-05-02 Thu970,455
2019-05-01 Wed691,857
2019-04-30 Tue532,133
2019-04-29 Mon551,075
2019-04-28 Sun215,849

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