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No. of Tweets: 2,420
No. of Twitter impressions: 10,942,169
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 886
No. of Twitter users reached: 2,379,720
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Highest number of tweets per hour: 37
(on 2019-01-16 17:00)
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Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@rAVePubs 118
2@DailyDOOH 61
3@AVMag 31
5@Kev_McLoughlin 22
6@signageOS 22
7@SCNmag 19
8@DigitalAVMag 17
9@SDVoE 15
10@inbroadcast 14

Original Impressions
1@rAVePubs 2,054,810
2@DailyDOOH 772,049
3@AVMag 696,855
4@CiscoCollab 372,640
5@CEDIA_EMEA 265,519
6@AVIXA 214,871
7@inbroadcast 186,705
8@Crestron 155,388
9@SennheiserUSA 139,982
10@SCNmag 123,965

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@AVindustryPros 142
2@WomeninAV 20
3@Kev_McLoughlin 20
4@CraigMacCormack 19
5@AVUserGroup 15
6@GVMultimedia 14
7@DailyDOOH 14
8@WolfVision_EU 12
9@MeganADutta 12
10@chrisedwardscie 10

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@AVindustryPros 142
2@rAVePubs 118
3@DailyDOOH 75
4@Kev_McLoughlin 42
5@AVMag 37
7@WomeninAV 25
8@SCNmag 23
9@signageOS 23
10@WolfVision_EU 23

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User Mentions
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1@ISE_Show 539
2@avixa 167
3@rAVePubs 138
5@AVMag 109
7@MeganADutta 55
8@SCNmag 44
9@AVUserGroup 44
10@inavate 42

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@rAVePubs 122
2@ISE_Show 68
3@AVMag 56
4@AVIXA 40
5@SCNmag 34
6@HowToAV 33
7@Kev_McLoughlin 32
9@DailyDOOH 28
10@SaharaAV 25

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@EdGameTec 10,346
2@ITRTG 3,497
3@RobinHeed 3,409
4@CBSDenver 2,508
5@TechNowOrNever 1,830
6@CiscoCollab 1,807
7@vlics 1,749
8@TelecomReseller 1,723
9@SennheiserUSA 1,459
10@socialboostclub 1,236

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@AVTechEurope 5
2@DailyDOOH 3
3@vacajun 3
4@HagaiFeiner 2
5@AdmHrv 2
6@GinaSans 2
7@ISCEInfo 1
9@mattdscott 1
10@rAVePubs 1

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@Kev_McLoughlin 12
2@AdmHrv 4
3@NEC_Display 3
4@DailyDOOH 2
5@sixteennine 2
6@JPWard 2
7@Ise_idehen 2
8@SDVoE 2
9@GinaSans 2
10@Rhyno_24 1

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@ISE_Show - about 13 days ago
New to the show floor and part of this year’s ‘Learn, Discover, Be Inspired’ initiative, the #ISE2019 Main Stage will host free-to-attend educational sessions from @AVIXA @CEDIA_EMEA @AVMag and ISE. For more information and to see what’s on visit https://t.co/VjKsRMq4ck https://t.co/0aEZGhPplV
2@SaharaAV - about 6 days ago
Launching at ISE 2019 will be the @myclevertouch complete Enterprise ecosystem solution for the global office and huddle room workspaces! Visitors to #ISE2019 can try out Clevertouch’s new Enterprise Collaborative Ecosystem, Hall 13 – Booth D155 https://t.co/sP9s8edQsb #avtweeps https://t.co/r9UFvuzFkZ
3@AVIXA - about 3 days ago
Learn how operational processes impact the adoption of new technology in the workplace at the What’s Next: Enterprise Conference during #ISE2019. https://t.co/AQQK7aUVVJ @ISE_Show @AVUserGroup https://t.co/X0J7THJIyJ
4@ISE_Show - about 10 days ago
The #ISE2019 Professional Development Guide provides all the information you need to know about education during the show, with an overview of @AVIXA conferences and Flashtracks, @CEDIA_EMEA Training, the ISE Main Stage theatre and Manufacturer Training – https://t.co/uzeHQSkgQn https://t.co/Odb5hkwBGL
5@HowToAV - about 7 days ago
NEW VIDEO from the HowToAV team! We talk to Laurent Masia of @NETGEAR for the latest on AV-over-IP platform @SDVoE . Part of the @AVIXA ISE education program. WATCH NOW AT: https://t.co/XoQGTINXIe #avtweeps #ise2019 #proav #howtoav #av #audiovisual #AVoverIP #IoT #sdvoe https://t.co/URCnCs8Sxh
6@ISE_Show - about 2 days ago
For #ISE2019, partners @LANG_AG, @GreenHippo__ , @PanasonicVisual, @Pro_Display, ISE and @RAI_Amsterdam are combining to deliver an exciting projection mapping display onto the façade of the new nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel. The hotel will feature content from 17.00 - 20.00 each day. https://t.co/txW1YYHSRe
7@ISE_Show - about 27 days ago
Have you got a copy of RISE Magazine yet? It’s your official guide to #ISE2019 packed with advice for exploring the show floor, details on all the events taking place, updates from @AVIXA and @CEDIA_EMEA and in-depth features on the latest market trends https://t.co/jQzCMz8oFT https://t.co/KGGyFWVHcn
8@SaharaAV - about 2 days ago
For the past year, the development team behind the Clevertouch interactive touchscreen has been developing the ultimate enterprise environment which will be revealed in its entirety at ISE 2019 https://t.co/Jd9jk1WV4g #avtweeps #ISE2019 @myClevertouch via @AVMag https://t.co/dhW6MMuLER
9@EmpireInd - about 2 days ago
6 attraction technology trends for 2019:
10@CiscoCollab - about 15 days ago
Headed to #ISE2019? Book a personalized booth tour to learn how to accelerate teamwork with #CiscoWebex Teams and experience the latest Cisco #Collaboration innovations. https://t.co/hUNh2ZCmRE https://t.co/esXrMHdOdL

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2019-01-17 Thu223
2019-01-16 Wed265
2019-01-15 Tue250
2019-01-14 Mon185
2019-01-13 Sun26
2019-01-12 Sat37
2019-01-11 Fri182
2019-01-10 Thu226
2019-01-09 Wed153
2019-01-08 Tue185
2019-01-07 Mon96
2019-01-06 Sun16
2019-01-05 Sat16
2019-01-04 Fri92
2019-01-03 Thu69
2019-01-02 Wed75
2019-01-01 Tue5
2018-12-31 Mon10
2018-12-30 Sun5
2018-12-29 Sat8
2018-12-28 Fri27
2018-12-27 Thu29
2018-12-26 Wed16
2018-12-25 Tue11
2018-12-24 Mon23
2018-12-23 Sun16
2018-12-22 Sat4
2018-12-21 Fri43
2018-12-20 Thu37
2018-12-19 Wed90

2019-01-17 Thu835,846
2019-01-16 Wed1,154,377
2019-01-15 Tue1,083,051
2019-01-14 Mon679,735
2019-01-13 Sun264,587
2019-01-12 Sat107,924
2019-01-11 Fri659,196
2019-01-10 Thu824,605
2019-01-09 Wed494,298
2019-01-08 Tue778,053
2019-01-07 Mon535,340
2019-01-06 Sun66,470
2019-01-05 Sat36,655
2019-01-04 Fri575,199
2019-01-03 Thu285,958
2019-01-02 Wed475,969
2019-01-01 Tue25,596
2018-12-31 Mon19,180
2018-12-30 Sun5,293
2018-12-29 Sat8,327
2018-12-28 Fri187,278
2018-12-27 Thu337,107
2018-12-26 Wed137,341
2018-12-25 Tue111,253
2018-12-24 Mon151,312
2018-12-23 Sun155,031
2018-12-22 Sat5,258
2018-12-21 Fri254,104
2018-12-20 Thu144,119
2018-12-19 Wed543,707

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    CEDIA EMEA: This year at #ISE2019, #CEDIA will be hosting free-to-attend talks hosted by industry thought leaders. See the full… https://t.co/1KnNXgMB6s

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    AVI-SPL: How can digital workplace transformation increase your organization’s productivity? Find out at #ISE2019, booth 11-… https://t.co/9SSkvHkSor

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    UCNews: RT @AVNewsUK: The AV News award finalist have been announced! We look forward to welcoming the finalists on the first morning of #ise2019,…

  9. Shure
    Shure: We are excited to be attending #ISE2019 in Amsterdam February 5th-8th. Register for FREE using code: 703819… https://t.co/67acHHHYUj

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    rAVe [PUBS]: Tune in for the latest #podcast Rants and rAVes — Episode 792: @KramerElec At #ISE2019 Includes AV-over-IP, AVaaS a… https://t.co/vOthS4cHw4