Hashtag analysis - last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 10,968
No. of Twitter impressions: 43,087,366
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 1,836
No. of Twitter users reached: 5,636,200

Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 73
(on 2019-07-02 16:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@rAVePubs 303
2@TierPM 158
3@AVMag 154
4@commintegrator 111
5@chris_neto 104
6@SCNmag 86
7@Install_Mag 80
8@Kev_McLoughlin 73
9@ProAVLCentral 69
10@Cbmoss 60

Original Impressions
1@rAVePubs 5,477,757
2@AVMag 3,560,673
3@chris_neto 863,565
4@commintegrator 822,444
5@evankirstel 752,324
6@SCNmag 593,862
7@ce_pro 559,072
8@TierPM 503,025
9@NEC_Display 413,992
10@Install_Mag 371,875

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@AVindustryPros 1,393
2@avtweeps  RT bot 281
3@CraigMacCormack 197
4@AVPhenom 91
5@chris_neto 90
6@mogabr 81
7@coryschaeffer 75
8@WomeninAV 61
9@Kev_McLoughlin 48
10@ce_pro 43

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@AVindustryPros 1,393
2@rAVePubs 304
3@avtweeps  RT bot 281
4@CraigMacCormack 223
5@chris_neto 194
6@AVMag 165
7@TierPM 161
8@AVPhenom 144
9@commintegrator 139
10@Kev_McLoughlin 121

Related Hashtags
NoNameNo of Hashtags

User Mentions
NoNameNo of Mentions
1@rAVePubs 656
2@AVMag 467
3@chris_neto 448
4@avixa 354
5@TierPM 354
6@SCNmag 301
7@commintegrator 291
8@AVPhenom 290
10@ce_pro 269

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@rAVePubs 564
2@AVMag 358
3@TierPM 314
4@chris_neto 310
5@commintegrator 214
6@SCNmag 177
7@Kev_McLoughlin 164
8@AVPhenom 125
9@bobarcher2010 87
10@Cbmoss 82

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@evankirstel 13,812
2@OttLegalRebels 12,008
3@TrippBraden 7,818
4@OpenMarketingTV 7,784
5@sectest9 7,259
6@nomoreslaves 4,020
7@RichSimmondsZA 3,884
8@planetmstudios 3,676
9@UCStrategies 3,633
10@ITRTG 3,439

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@rAVePubs 26
2@chris_neto 21
3@AVPhenom 10
4@andrew_506 6
5@tastefullykate 6
6@Czhorat 5
7@PKaudiovisual 5
8@WomeninAV 4
9@thesmoothfactor 4
10@LukeJordanEAVI 4

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@rAVePubs 25
2@PKaudiovisual 19
3@AVPhenom 17
4@andrew_506 16
5@Kev_McLoughlin 15
6@chris_neto 11
7@kevin_maltby 9
8@tastefullykate 7
9@LukeJordanEAVI 5
10@mogabr 4

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@evankirstel - about 18 days ago
Worst connector ever? #Apple #avtweeps #Tech #Technology #TechTrends #EmergingTech #Innovation #TechNews #TechnologyNews #TechTalk #EmergingTechnologies https://t.co/bEXUB6n15l
2@Cbmoss - about 25 days ago
.@The_AVLife Episode 143: We Talk, They Talk and It All Makes Sense – the InfoComm 2019 Exhibitor Post Show (Part 1: The Conversation) w/guests @PolyCompany @oblong_inc @NewlineIDEAMAX, Crew @KymFrank @TVanWoeart @MarsAVIT & I. https://t.co/jI01c2Qt90 #ProAV #AVTweeps
3@BGrimesDC - about 5 days ago
I openly invite and encourage #AVtweeps to DM me with specific instances of inappropriate attire at #InfoComm19. We believe the situation has improved over recent years, but would like to do better for all of you. Feedback is key to defining clear policy.
4@AVMag - about 15 hours ago
Zoe Mutter named as new editor of AV Magazine As well as Zoe’s promotion, former editor Clive Couldwell is now group editor of AV Magazine and Electronics Weekly https://t.co/uFxFW1URle #avtweeps # technology #av #proAV https://t.co/OzwIdQVpmJ
5@bobarcher2010 - about 21 days ago
The newly announced Spears & Munsil @UHD4k HDR Benchmark disc provides @ce_pro 's with an affordable way to evaluate and calibrate TVs https://t.co/jQjnM6Rrxv #avtweeps
6@LegrandAV - about 22 days ago
Tour time! Did you miss InfoComm? Trying to remember the name of that one product you saw in the booth? We have you covered with our virtual booth tour! #infocomm19 #AVTweeps @middleatlantic @chiefmfg @dalitescreen @vaddio @LuxulCorp C2G Wiremold. https://t.co/La1x5kPVpJ https://t.co/tV94tt251g
7@AdmHrv - about 12 days ago
Summer installs well underway. New monster @DalenTOPTEC lectern for Prince Edward Hall, our first @Crestron NVX install, @catchbox Plus and a @NEC_Display_UK NP-PH1202HL @CDEC_Ltd @hewshott @lucid_llp #AVTweeps https://t.co/GR0CWVyDHf
8@Kev_McLoughlin - about 15 days ago
I'm going to "An Evening of Inspiration & Storytelling with Women in AV". 25th July, London See you there? @womeninav #avtweeps @womenintech #proav @chandoshouse @AVIXAWomen https://t.co/vb0aGcrfdZ via @EventbriteUK
9@higheredav - about 21 days ago
???? Our most important episode to date! ???? Guests @GinaSans (@Atlas_IED) & @Cbmoss (@Convergent_AV) discuss the practice of trade show "booth babes" & what we can do to further ensure all #WomenInAV feel safe. #highered #edtech #avtweeps #AVIXAWomen https://t.co/74Old71APG
10@andrew_506 - about 29 days ago
I just published "Software is Eating AV". #avtweeps https://t.co/5Ix0WBWcwL

By Date:
2019-07-24 Wed11
2019-07-23 Tue352
2019-07-22 Mon376
2019-07-21 Sun153
2019-07-20 Sat126
2019-07-19 Fri572
2019-07-18 Thu542
2019-07-17 Wed435
2019-07-16 Tue437
2019-07-15 Mon322
2019-07-14 Sun140
2019-07-13 Sat127
2019-07-12 Fri422
2019-07-11 Thu476
2019-07-10 Wed449
2019-07-09 Tue417
2019-07-08 Mon333
2019-07-07 Sun142
2019-07-06 Sat136
2019-07-05 Fri404
2019-07-04 Thu400
2019-07-03 Wed655
2019-07-02 Tue545
2019-07-01 Mon444
2019-06-30 Sun188
2019-06-29 Sat169
2019-06-28 Fri525
2019-06-27 Thu566
2019-06-26 Wed515
2019-06-25 Tue589

2019-07-24 Wed15,365
2019-07-23 Tue1,254,095
2019-07-22 Mon1,289,755
2019-07-21 Sun1,460,321
2019-07-20 Sat415,152
2019-07-19 Fri1,994,863
2019-07-18 Thu3,141,083
2019-07-17 Wed1,330,926
2019-07-16 Tue1,495,207
2019-07-15 Mon996,897
2019-07-14 Sun476,061
2019-07-13 Sat302,908
2019-07-12 Fri1,451,266
2019-07-11 Thu1,823,649
2019-07-10 Wed1,773,055
2019-07-09 Tue1,502,130
2019-07-08 Mon1,424,353
2019-07-07 Sun424,037
2019-07-06 Sat381,204
2019-07-05 Fri2,655,349
2019-07-04 Thu1,286,597
2019-07-03 Wed2,274,744
2019-07-02 Tue2,019,500
2019-07-01 Mon1,454,748
2019-06-30 Sun879,150
2019-06-29 Sat609,191
2019-06-28 Fri2,265,599
2019-06-27 Thu2,601,856
2019-06-26 Wed1,863,268
2019-06-25 Tue2,225,037

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