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No. of Tweets: 370
No. of Twitter impressions: 805,595
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No. of Twitter users reached: 288,565
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1@EuroCIS 33
2@CRSchaible 20
3@Fujitsu_DE 13
4@Aprimo 12
5@TCPOSGermany 7
6@Axis_DACH 7
7@POET_GmbH 6
8@ThiemeFJ 5
9@tobiaskintzel 5
10@arvatosystemsDE 4

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1@Fujitsu_Global 232,146
2@NCRCorporation 74,256
3@Fujitsu_DE 73,229
4@CRSchaible 40,520
5@EuroCIS 39,831
6@retailfocus 24,289
7@Verifone 21,175
8@ThiemeFJ 20,315
9@tobiaskintzel 19,735
10@OracleRetail 19,724

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@HelmutSchmitz3 6
2@andreahilbert74 6
3@m_schwindling 6
5@schnad1 5
6@Zucchetti_GmbH 5
7@POET_GmbH 5
8@TCPOSAustria 5
9@Taraniel 5
10@BernyZb 4

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NoNameNo of Tweets
1@EuroCIS 36
2@CRSchaible 20
3@Fujitsu_DE 13
4@Aprimo 12
5@POET_GmbH 11
7@tobiaskintzel 9
8@TCPOSGermany 8
9@Axis_DACH 8
10@HelmutSchmitz3 8

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1@TCPOSGermany 33
2@Aprimo 9
3@Axis_DACH 8
4@EuroCIS 7
5@Fujitsu_DE 7
6@Fujitsu_Global 6
7@ZucchettiWorld 4
8@POET_GmbH 4
9@Sycor_Microsoft 3
10@TCPOS 3

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1@CRSchaible 1,334
2@5h15h 1,155
3@Fujitsu_Global 894
4@OracleRetail 716
5@retailfocus 676
6@NCRCorporation 645
7@rekaujj 592
8@InforetailNews 580
9@Verifone 560
10@CapgeminiDE 542

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1@Verifone 1

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1@TCPOSGermany - about 4 days ago
#9days to #EuroCIS 2018! Heres a little sneak peek of our booth for this year. As of Feb. 2nd you can see the whole booth in 9/E22. Stop by! #countdown #retail #omnichannel https://t.co/G03huxKUXq
2@TCPOSGermany - about 3 days ago
Ready for the first partner preview for #EuroCIS? Datema is one of the most experienced #selfscanning specialists. They will be present at our booth to help our retail clients boost their #customerexperience. Stop by at 9/E22. #8days #countdown https://t.co/Z56WjMs7kR
3@Fujitsu_DE - about 9 days ago
Trends, Themen und die #EuroCIS: Das passiert aktuell im #Einzelhandel. https://t.co/KZy5cBJEmD
4@TCPOSGermany - about 2 days ago
Were staying true to our annual tradition so well have some pretty nice kicks in order to stay comfortable throughout #EuroCIS. #7days #countdown https://t.co/MuOMEU8Vkw
5@TCPOSGermany - about 6 days ago
Tomorrow, we will start our 10-day #countdown to #EuroCIS Join us every day to get updates, previews and sneak peeks.
6@Fujitsu_Global - about 1 day ago
Dont miss #EuroCIS! Meet #Fujitsu #ConnectedRetail at Booth F21 in Hall 9 https://t.co/H23edkzKID https://t.co/1DiqnGjDqY
7@TCPOSGermany - about 5 days ago
#10days til #EuroCIS 2018. Are you ready? #countdown https://t.co/j4KEH87Ynm
8@TCPOSGermany - about 17 hours ago
Well cover your vitamin intake at #EuroCIS with some healthy #smoothies at our booth. Come by and talk about the future of #retail with us. 9/E22 Only #5days left. #countdown #selfscanning #pos #hr https://t.co/DTUQS9F9KA
9@ZucchettiWorld - about 2 days ago
Want to discover more about the latest #technology trends related to #POS in the #retail sector? Then hurry up and reserve your spot at @EuroCIS https://t.co/gh07pCu6QL @TCPOS @TCPOSGermany #Eurocis #store #software #Digital https://t.co/ty3S14IdBI
10@notevalidators - about 10 hours ago
Looking forward to exhibiting @EuroCIS next week - come and see us on the #itl stand 9A19 to demo our range of retail cash handling products and get a first glimpse of our new Twin SMART Coin System: https://t.co/3CYqGgSUGl #retail #EuroCIS https://t.co/aZe4NUJ7fe

By Date:
2018-02-22 Thu60
2018-02-21 Wed57
2018-02-20 Tue58
2018-02-19 Mon33
2018-02-18 Sun6
2018-02-17 Sat7
2018-02-16 Fri15
2018-02-15 Thu12
2018-02-14 Wed26
2018-02-13 Tue20
2018-02-12 Mon14
2018-02-11 Sun1
2018-02-10 Sat1
2018-02-09 Fri3
2018-02-08 Thu3
2018-02-07 Wed7
2018-02-06 Tue3
2018-02-05 Mon3
2018-02-02 Fri5
2018-02-01 Thu6
2018-01-31 Wed8
2018-01-30 Tue6
2018-01-27 Sat4
2018-01-26 Fri5
2018-01-25 Thu7

2018-02-22 Thu118,809
2018-02-21 Wed273,424
2018-02-20 Tue59,059
2018-02-19 Mon59,978
2018-02-18 Sun6,962
2018-02-17 Sat12,115
2018-02-16 Fri24,232
2018-02-15 Thu10,388
2018-02-14 Wed33,989
2018-02-13 Tue33,439
2018-02-12 Mon24,322
2018-02-11 Sun566
2018-02-10 Sat566
2018-02-09 Fri19,424
2018-02-08 Thu8,047
2018-02-07 Wed10,046
2018-02-06 Tue2,732
2018-02-05 Mon22,616
2018-02-02 Fri8,422
2018-02-01 Thu6,864
2018-01-31 Wed11,704
2018-01-30 Tue26,289
2018-01-27 Sat310
2018-01-26 Fri13,843
2018-01-25 Thu17,449

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  1. Fujitsu Global
    Fujitsu Global: Are service technicians blocking your checkout line? Not with #Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One. Fast Plug and Pay services f… https://t.co/a1imUv7Ele

  2. Frances Tasker
    Frances Tasker: The @Profitect team is going global! Look for us at #EuroCIS Feb 27-March 1 in Dusseldorf. We’ll be exhibiting with… https://t.co/DXrSFwnlwd

  3. etage13
    etage13: RT @OpticonWorld: Opticon will be attending #EuroCIS between 27th Feb -1st March, come along to Hall 9 Booth F25 and discover the latest in…

  4. Digi Thal
    Digi Thal: RT @adeline_hei: Kommen Sie die @QSCAG auf der #eurocis besuchen! Sie finden uns in Halle 10 am Stand B42. https://t.co/LLuATecFK4

  5. Reflexis Systems
    Reflexis Systems: We're excited to see everyone at #EuroCIS 2018 next week! #WFM https://t.co/gEcbAs3ut6

  6. Pierre Jouve
    Pierre Jouve: RT @Aprimo: We'll be at #EuroCIS, will you? Let's meet to discuss your #retail #digitaltransformation https://t.co/pSew2IFAY3 #cx #custexp

  7. Zucchetti_Worldwide
    Zucchetti_Worldwide: Why adopting a #jobcosting #software can improve your #retail business' performance? https://t.co/VR3t6GxccX Visit… https://t.co/ZTsDOBpruf

  8. RiboldiFederico

  9. Stefanie Rüdel
    Stefanie Rüdel: Tauschen Sie gleich das ganze Auto, wenn Sie einen Platten haben? FUJITSU TP8 All-in-One – die erste Kasse mit ausg… https://t.co/KtxmjTcfW0

  10. ITL
    ITL: Looking forward to exhibiting @EuroCIS next week - come and see us on the #itl stand 9A19 to demo our range of reta… https://t.co/z418JvYTGk

    LALIT PUNJABI: RT @Fujitsu_Global: Join #Fujitsu Customer 360° Journey at #EuroCIS Booth F21 in Hall 9. #ConnectedRetail https://t.co/cRe6oOx5CS https://t…

  12. Fritz Brenker
    Fritz Brenker: Join us at #EuroCIS #Fujitsu Booth F21 in Hall 9. See you there! #ConnectedRetail https://t.co/479WNeg0mg

  13. tarent
    tarent: Möbel verpackt, das Lager leer: It's Messe-time, wir freu'n uns sehr! #eurocis #dasreimtsichsogar https://t.co/QDjUwhvHbD

  14. Andrea Hilbert
    Andrea Hilbert: RT @TCPOSGermany: We’ll cover your vitamin intake at #EuroCIS with some healthy #smoothies at our booth. Come by and talk about the future…

  15. Naba
    Naba: RT @Axis_DACH: Lange Warteschlangen vor Kabinen und Kassen trüben die Einkaufsstimmung der Kunden. Auf der #EuroCIS stellt Axis zusammen mi…

  16. Zucchetti_Worldwide
    Zucchetti_Worldwide: RT @TCPOSGermany: We’ll cover your vitamin intake at #EuroCIS with some healthy #smoothies at our booth. Come by and talk about the future…