Hashtag analysis - last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 4,145
No. of Twitter impressions: 28,285,164
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 748
No. of Twitter users reached: 3,546,079
Current Tweet Flow:
Highest number of tweets per hour: 43
(on 2018-05-20 13:00)
Top Ten:
Original Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@rAVePubs 256
2@chris_neto 84
3@AVPhenom 60
4@DailyDOOH 58
5@SCNmag 50
6@AVNationTV 44
7@MeganADutta 40
8@Cbmoss 36
9@PremierMounts 36
10@TierPM 32

Original Impressions
1@rAVePubs 4,329,142
2@DailyDOOH 722,239
3@chris_neto 630,673
4@evankirstel 566,093
5@SamsungBizUSA 419,399
6@AVNationTV 334,207
7@InfoComm 325,221
8@SCNmag 304,232
9@AVPhenom 209,001
10@commintegrator 195,876

NoNameNo of Retweets
1@Tech_Sharer  RT bot 618
2@chris_neto 90
3@CraigMacCormack 73
4@AVPhenom 63
5@Kev_McLoughlin 55
6@AVindustryPros 51
7@TierPM 43
8@SCNmag 36
9@MalissaDillman 29
10@AVHashtags 27

All Tweets
NoNameNo of Tweets
1@Tech_Sharer  RT bot 618
2@rAVePubs 257
3@chris_neto 174
4@AVPhenom 123
5@SCNmag 86
6@CraigMacCormack 85
7@Kev_McLoughlin 85
8@DailyDOOH 78
9@TierPM 75
10@MeganADutta 67

Related Hashtags
NoNameNo of Hashtags

User Mentions
NoNameNo of Mentions

Most Retweeted Users
NoNameNo of Retweets
1@InfoComm 176
2@rAVePubs 172
3@chris_neto 139
4@AVNationTV 137
5@DailyDOOH 72
6@Cbmoss 72
7@SCNmag 69
8@commintegrator 66
9@MeganADutta 64
10@AVPhenom 55

Most Listed Users
NoNameNo of Lists
1@evankirstel 13,581
2@OttLegalRebels 12,287
3@designthinkbot 7,748
4@sectest9 7,296
5@BereanoPartners 6,089
6@Tech_Sharer  RT bot 5,110
7@piyuanker12 4,676
8@robinsnewswire 4,256
9@RichSimmondsZA 3,979
10@UCStrategies 3,726

Users Most Replied To
NoNameNo of Replies
1@chris_neto 23
2@AVPhenom 10
3@thesmoothfactor 4
4@barbxG 4
5@brockmcginnis 4
6@MeganADutta 4
7@DailyDOOH 4
8@LukeJordanEAVI 3
9@AVNationTV 3
10@MalissaDillman 3

Users Most Replying To Others
NoNameNo of Replies
1@AVDawn 18
2@Kev_McLoughlin 16
3@chris_neto 15
4@LukeJordanEAVI 15
5@thesmoothfactor 13
6@JPWard 9
7@MeganADutta 9
8@CraigMacCormack 8
9@barbxG 8
10@AVPhenom 8

Top Tweets:
NoTweetNo of Retweets
1@AVNationTV - about 21 days ago
Free food and drinks! RSVP Today for The AVNation #AVTweetup at #infocomm18 sponsored by @starin_mkg. #avtweeps https://t.co/COKCe4MQa8 https://t.co/IasPKApSGJ
2@AVIXA - about 4 days ago
Dan Goldstein, VP of Content and Communications, shares why you should attend the #TIDEconference at #InfoComm18 @infocomm #RoadtoInfoComm https://t.co/aFYuu0H1oy
3@AVNationTV - about 15 days ago
Let us know you're coming to the annual AVNation Tweetup at #InfoComm18 https://t.co/vP4lpJ1z1Q https://t.co/LIfUm7bSyU
4@HARMAN_Pro - about 12 days ago
#InfoComm18 is right around the corner! Dont miss your chance join us June 6 - 8 in Las Vegas and #SeeAndHearTruth with our latest technologies and solutions. Were also offering a code for a free exhibit pass on our website. Find out more here: https://t.co/0112cWIMIF https://t.co/jXChopjfcD
5@DailyDOOH - about 4 days ago
#InfoComm18 #ff suggestions: @AvidProTools @AVindustryPros @AVNationTV @AVPhenom @Cbmoss @chris_neto @CraigMacCormack @Crestron @evankirstel @InfoComm @NanoLumens @NEC_Display @NEC_RV @Kev_McLoughlin @MeganADutta @PremierMounts @rAVePubs @SCNmag @TierPM https://t.co/KF8GtY30Rv
6@InfoComm - about 14 days ago
Get a peak at the future of the AV industry at Center Stage. Speakers will explore the intersection of technology, business outcomes and quality of life beyond traditional AV use cases. https://t.co/OBOpmcGMK9 #InfoComm18 https://t.co/dteQtHAdiS
7@commintegrator - about 19 days ago
One class at #infocomm18 you cannot miss: https://t.co/cw0YP7qRTk #AVTweeps #proAV #InfoComm
8@barbxG - about 11 days ago
All #infocomm18 education sessions are in the WESTGATE this year, not in the Convention Ctr (except Manufacturers Training). We're opening a back door to the exhibit hall so you can get back and forth quickly! #infocomm18Tips
9@InfoComm - about 25 days ago
#TBT to the #InfoComm17 ribbon cutting. Just 6 weeks until #InfoComm18 opens! https://t.co/5793EXEIfj https://t.co/EBHIaH4MfZ
10@AVIXA - about 24 days ago
AVIXA Announces 2018 Award Winners, to Be Honored at #InfoComm18 in Las Vegas: https://t.co/msU7nsspM4 https://t.co/QZJX44xFZN

By Date:
2018-05-22 Tue140
2018-05-21 Mon293
2018-05-20 Sun184
2018-05-19 Sat136
2018-05-18 Fri289
2018-05-17 Thu262
2018-05-16 Wed235
2018-05-15 Tue232
2018-05-14 Mon196
2018-05-13 Sun85
2018-05-12 Sat91
2018-05-11 Fri257
2018-05-10 Thu226
2018-05-09 Wed153
2018-05-08 Tue136
2018-05-07 Mon109
2018-05-06 Sun51
2018-05-05 Sat28
2018-05-04 Fri145
2018-05-03 Thu182
2018-05-02 Wed146
2018-05-01 Tue109
2018-04-30 Mon58
2018-04-29 Sun16
2018-04-28 Sat41
2018-04-27 Fri81
2018-04-26 Thu80
2018-04-25 Wed61
2018-04-24 Tue71
2018-04-23 Mon52

2018-05-22 Tue811,645
2018-05-21 Mon1,692,595
2018-05-20 Sun1,013,478
2018-05-19 Sat763,410
2018-05-18 Fri2,381,862
2018-05-17 Thu1,745,916
2018-05-16 Wed1,670,710
2018-05-15 Tue1,687,291
2018-05-14 Mon2,770,230
2018-05-13 Sun553,196
2018-05-12 Sat611,007
2018-05-11 Fri1,563,480
2018-05-10 Thu1,513,284
2018-05-09 Wed1,010,424
2018-05-08 Tue1,064,299
2018-05-07 Mon777,061
2018-05-06 Sun396,044
2018-05-05 Sat206,099
2018-05-04 Fri888,114
2018-05-03 Thu834,423
2018-05-02 Wed766,645
2018-05-01 Tue592,369
2018-04-30 Mon342,204
2018-04-29 Sun66,664
2018-04-28 Sat284,025
2018-04-27 Fri820,171
2018-04-26 Thu401,382
2018-04-25 Wed315,982
2018-04-24 Tue379,020
2018-04-23 Mon362,134

Last updated: 2018-05-22 16:10 Europe/London


  1. DSFederation

  2. Premier Mounts
    Premier Mounts: Problem: New FDA menu labeling regulations Solution: Digital signage... https://t.co/XDrDFwQsvY #AVtweeps #wegotyouhttps://t.co/acX2a2TNuC

  3. NEC DisplaySolutions
    NEC DisplaySolutions: As the anticipation builds for #InfoComm18, take a look back at the highlights from last year sure to pique your cu… https://t.co/hNIzBBypqG

  4. AVIXA
    AVIXA: Are you ready for #InfoComm18 rain or shine? Stop by the AVIXA store in our booth to purchase these raincoats and o… https://t.co/cRskRQjeTN

  5. HELLO
    HELLO: #HELLO2 T-shirt? #HELLO2 products? Brochures? Flowers? Why not! Visit our booth N1666 at #InfoComm18 for t… https://t.co/NmEXp1PkOt

  6. Neoti
    Neoti: Are you going to #InfoComm18? Great! We hope to see you there. Here are 3 tips we hope help you get the most out o… https://t.co/mH64fl1U4Y

  7. Piyu anker
    Piyu anker: RT @evankirstel: .@Shure: networked audio is key to #collaboration in unified communications via @AVMag https://t.co/ruiHouL0Cj @InfoComm #…

  8. Tributaries Cable
    Tributaries Cable: RT @rAVePubs: A major upgrade to the UHDS Slim line of HDMI cables was just announced by @tributaries. Learn more: https://t.co/OhvDBvS51X.…

  9. NEC_Display_Europe

  10. Shure Systems
    Shure Systems: Attending #InfoComm18? Register now for our Shure Microflex Advance and P300 Certification Training on June 5 at… https://t.co/GUzUYa16v0

  11. Mark Coxon CTS-D/I

  12. Videxio
    Videxio: Don't miss our CEO and cofounder @tomeriklia speaking at #InfoComm18 about conferencing, #collaboration, and UC tre… https://t.co/md6pqc977Y

  13. Stephanie Frey
    Stephanie Frey: RT @MeganADutta: "We are in a pivotal time for technology—numerous avenues are advancing at accelerated rates." - @PeerlessAVsteph https://…

  14. KMB Comm
    KMB Comm: RT @InfoComm: Treat yourself at the #AVIXAstore in the grand lobby during #InfoComm18. @AVIXA #RoadtoInfoComm https://t.co/UZs1KfsOb5

  15. Victoria Ferrari, CTS, ISF-C
    Victoria Ferrari, CTS, ISF-C: RT @THEIMCCA: Come hear our @NJDavidD discuss this at #InfoComm18 session IS106 https://t.co/I4GS7Vf3BG

  16. Mark Coxon CTS-D/I
    Mark Coxon CTS-D/I: Pop Quiz #avtweeps! If you could find ONE product on the floor at #infocomm18 that would dramatically improve you… https://t.co/liNsrobGdN